More talks

Stephan and Martin will be giving talks at an upcoming Hamburg-Japan workshop (24-25 August), co-organized by Richard Woodward’s Emmy Noether group Ontology after Quine and Richard Dietz (Tokyo/Hamburg). Stephan’s talk will be on Relevance and Minimality in Belief Revision, Martin’s on the question What Time Is It in Other Possible Worlds?


New team member

We are delighted to announce that Martin Glazier will be joining our team as a postdoctoral researcher, with a planned start date of 1 September. Martin’s current and recent research is focused, among other things, on explanatory relevance in noncausal explanation. We are very happy to have him on board!


We’re happy to report that

  • Stefan Roski’s talk Can the Counterfactual Theory of Explanation Account for Metaphysical Explanations? has been accepted for presentation at the GAP.10 conference, to take place in Cologne, 17-20 September 2018.
  • Stephan Krämer’s talk A Note on the Whole Truth has also been accepted at the same conference.
  • A slightly different version of that talk has also been accepted for this year’s Joint Session, taking place in Oxford, 6-8 July 2018.